T-minus 6 hours ’til takeoff!

It’s 2am E.S.T. and the moon slinks across the sky, I’m feverishly searching for a USB cord I know I had not long ago. How am I to link my camera to a computer without this cord? I know I’ll probably be able to buy a cord offline if I can’t find mine within the hours before I take off…but my upcoming flight is, colloquially speaking, tripping me out. I’ve had so many friends journey to the most remote crevices of the world. I’ve heard their stories, seen their pictures, empathized with their loneliness at times, envied their adventure at others. But Puerto Rico, my destination, is still part of the United States. English is still a dominant language, the American dollar is still used, etc. Does this island count? Did I wander far enough?

I’m excited about tomorrow and I prepare now to spend a final night in Virginia. Tomorrow, at 1:30pm local time (Atlantic Standard), I’ll arrive in San Juan where I will set up shop for the next six months. One thing I will most decidedly NOT miss about Virginia is the weather. Today it was a lovely 61 degrees. This Sunday, however, there is a chance of snow. I prefer the tempeture to stay hot or cold. At least in San Juan, it’s 70-80 degrees year round. Granted, this might get old very quickly, but for now I’m looking forward to it.

Thank you, everyone for your goodbyes! I hope to keep in contact via the internet and my ever handy cell phone. So even though you won’t be able to drive by and see me anymore, I shouldn’t be too out of reach.

Next post will come when I figure out life in San Juan…
Maybe I’ll even explain what I’m doing on a Caribbean island…


  1. Maggie · January 8, 2008

    Hey Katie, I hope you found your USB cord and got some much needed sleep. Have a blast, learn some spanish, meet the people, tour the island, email your grandmother, have fun working, go to the beaches and just generally enjoy yourself. You’ll make new friends and come back ready for your next adventure. Love you, Grandmom

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