Whoever Saves One Life…Saves The World Entire

Over the past two days, I watched Schindler’s List. I loved it. I hated it. I alternated between screaming at the characters on the screen and weeping and could not bear to watch this three hour film in one sitting.

Trying to summarize this movie right now is impossible for me. Even as I write, I’m beginning to tear up, just trying to comprehend what it must of been like to be hated, cheated, lied to, and treated like cattle just because of your faith, your heritage, your ancestry. And I would like to think that if something like that ever happened again, I would help. I could and would do something to alleviate the suffering of men and women.

But genocide still exists. Men and women and children still die from hunger and neglect in deplorable conditions. And what do I do?

While writing this, I was searching the internet for more information about Schindler. I stumbled upon a White Supremecy website that apparently believes the horrors of the Holocaust are the creation of Jewish stories. These men and women are the reason I’m becoming a teacher. Such ignorance and hatred must be driven from the minds of children.

We can always do more. But we must do something.

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