The Cat’s Pajamas

I’m not exactly certain where the saying “The Cat’s Pajamas” originated, but it was in the movie School of Rock that was on tonight. And thus it makes it’s way to my title.

I haven’t had a lot of time lately to write or knock off movies from the AFI’s list. (I did see Toy Story, but if you have yet to see that one, shame on you.) In the real world, I’ve spent the past week going out of town for a wedding, spending quality time with one of my best friends who just moved back to the USA, spending days at an elementary school and writing about the experience for grad school. All in all, this seems to leave very little time for movies. But really, it still leaves way too much time to watch The Office, which has become a new tool of procrastination.

Speaking of procrastination…

…after turning in a bit of writing tonight, I was browsing the internet and found some pretty interesting scarves…like the one above. The woman in the picture actually makes quite a few scarves that look like food. While I find them all very interesting (and much classier than the boob scarf), I’m not sure I could pull off the look.


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