Kick off your Sunday shoes!

I get this feeling
that time’s just holding me down.
I’ll hit the ceiling
or else I’ll tear up this town…

It’s been a long few days! Too much school work and not enough time for real, honest-yet-amusing conversation.

Last night, in an effort to alleviate school stress and anxiety, I popped in an episode of Will & Grace, my all-time feel-good show. In one episode, Jack and Karen get so upset that their favorite shows are canceled. They are unsure of how to carry on until they see Frazier‘s Lilith. They hound her and after she leaves they exchange a couple of cute lines:

Karen: Hey, Jackie, did we get a little nutty thinking that some made-up character could help us?
Jack: Maybe a little? But it doesn’t matter. We don’t have to resolve this until the same time next week.

Marvelous. Almost as good as the Matt Damon episode.


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