All About the Wordplay

Are you prepared to take a dive
into the deep end of my head?
Are you listening

to a single word I’ve said?

Conversing with a crazy man…
R: She looked at me and blinked.
K: Blinked? Or winked?
R: Blinked.
K: Then who cares? We all blink.
R: While looking at someone?
K: Uh…yes.
R: I don’t care what you say. This is so going on Craiglist’s missed connections.

And Rachel, trying to put my mind at ease:
“Eh, just wait ’til you finish grad school. You’ll be more of a globetrotter than the guys from Harlem.”

(Image is from Jim131314 on Photobucket)


One comment

  1. Tessie M. Charman · June 16, 2009

    Wow that picture really caught my attention!

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