even just for a day

If I were a boy,
I would turn off my phone;

tell everyone it’s broken
so they’d think that I was sleeping alone.
I’d put myself first

and make the rules as I go…
’cause I know that she’d be faithful
waiting for me to come home.

It’s been an interesting month; many ups and downs that explain the time that has slipped away. But many clever or insane conversations have been held or overheard…and some have been remembered and shall be posted.

First, from a commercial
People hang on his every word…even the prepositions.

Up next:
A conversation with a stranger on a flight to St. Louis…

RSS: Yeah. Ayn Rand basically says, “do what you want.”

K: …but not volunteer.

RSS: Okay. You’re right. Not “do whatever you want.” “Do whatever I think you should want.”

K: What a saint.

At a recent baseball game against the San Diego Padres…

*Setting the scene: the players had recording themselves saying clips from Anchorman, which played after one of the innings.*

Players: Stay classy, San Diego.




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