Fog lifts to reveal potential

Across the sky,
the world it learns…
So must I.

My sister provides me endless entertainment…

Whether we’re just having a conversation:
K: (pointing to small shelves) Did you see my new shelves?

M: Yes. What are you going to put on them?

K: Oh, you should know.

M: Books?

K: I could only fit one book on a shelf.

M: Oh, right. Soap?

K: Yes. I have shelves to keep my soap on.

M: Your cell phone? Or pictures of me?

K: (points across the room) What’s in that box?

M: Oh. Shotglasses. Well, I think it would look better with pictures of me and soap.

Or playing her version of “20 Questions:”
M: What are five qualities you look for in a friend?

K: Compassion. A sense of humor. Honesty. Intelligence. Tolerance. You?

M: Also a sense of humor. Loyalty. Friendliness. Steadfastness. Availability. *Thinks for a minute* Wow. If you take away sense of humor, all my friends need are the qualities found in a good dog.


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