Back to Reality

I’m now into week nine of my fourteen week student-teaching experience. For the first seven weeks, I was in a fourth grade class and am now hanging out in a first grade class. I didn’t realize how much we were covering on a daily basis in fourth grade, but I’m loving the younger kids. I, obviously, can’t have the in depth conversations I could with the older ones, but they are all so sweet and aiming to please, that it consistently makes my day.

As much as I love them, today was exhausting. I spent the weekend at the beach with a group of my favorite people from undergrad. (It is so nice that one of them has a house a mile from the beach.) Two of my friends have birthdays around this time of year, so it was also a joint celebration for them. But between the sun and the sand and the celebration, I slipped into summer. Being jaunted back into a rainy, spring day this morning was a rude awakening. I was supposed to have a phone date with my cousin at 7:30, but ended up crashing for a nap before then…not making sure to set my alarm for the correct time before hand. But, having rescheduled that, life moves along.


Not much planned for the near future. I have a load of work to do to wrap up this grad program, so I think I’ll head to the library for a couple hours after school a few days this week. I also have bills to pay, emails to send, reports to write up…all the fun, typical aspects of life.

Over New Year’s, my friend Jamie and I went down to Savannah and Charleston. In Savannah, we stayed on the waterfront, and meandered through the city at our own, relaxed pace, taking plenty of time to see SCAD’s shop and cemeteries deluged with moss-dripping trees. In Charleston, we made hats and masks and noise makers at a giant First Night celebration then brought in the New Year on a rooftop with champagne and chips and a young man who looked like Draco Malfoy. Being a generous individual, Jamie sent me the book Gone with the Wind. While I have seen the film multiple times, I had never picked up the book before. So far, it’s well-written and an easy read. But I’m only 100 pages in…meaning I still have over 800 to go. This is going to take a while…
Jamie in Savannah

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