Delightful Tales of Woe

When Amy and I went to Italy, our travels seemed to be full of trouble. My bags were stranded in Heathrow, making their way to Italy through Germany only to be locked in our hostel’s office, leaving me feeling overwhelmingly disgusting for four days. Subways closed early, buses were nearly missed, and trains were only flagged down after running the better part of a mile down the track. But when things go wrong whilst traveling, you are left with a great story to tell any poor soul willing to listen to your adventures.

When things go wrong in every day life, no carefully choreographed stories can lift your mood. You’re just left with the empty frame of your everyday routine.
Nothing bad actually happened today. It was just a day that began by me oversleeping, turned into me struggling to maintain my patience, and ended with a migraine, medicine, and a nap. It was one of those days where you ponder why you are doing what you are doing and if you are where you should be in life. It’s a passing feeling of uncertainty and, for me, resentment that these little things can’t be strung in a delightful little tale to both amuse and bore my friends and family.
May hope never diminished that the future, looming over us, is sure to bring a brighter tomorrow.

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