Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Today has been a terrifically muddled up day. I had an appointment at 9:15am to go over my application to get a teaching license. I showed up at the graduate campus to find my building completely and eerily empty. Waited around for about 15 minutes before digging out my laptop and logging online to see what was going on only to be told that the exit interviews were taking place at the undergrad campus, about 15 minutes away. Shot my advisor an apology email, told her I was on my way, fought through traffic once more, and arrived, a bit harried, at the other campus. I pulled out my laptop again, only to see an email from my advisor telling me that she was now waiting for me at the graduate campus. Arg!
Near tears, I drove back to the graduate campus, waited while she met with another student, then finally squeezed in a meeting with her. At the end of the meeting, I’m asked if I have an educational survey that I supposedly received about 6 months ago. I just blink. Fortunately, I’m not the only person who apparently forgot this important document. I take a new copy, sit in the lobby, and proceed to spend nearly 2 hours filling it out. Hand it in, relieved to be finished with this whole grad school mess, when I’m informed that my advisor only has a copy of my SAT scores, not the original. I probably won’t be able to be licensed without it. “But…I had it sent to the school. That’s how you have a copy.” “We need the original.” Sigh.

I leave school, run a few errands, and make it home in time to call up the undergraduate admissions office before they close for the night. “I remember my test scores were sent to your campus and they need them at the grad school campus.” “We sent them off a long time ago. Let me transfer you to check.” A thousand transfers later, I find that, yes, the grad school should have the scores. Call the grad school; nothing in their office. Finally talk to an angel of a woman who takes my name, works some magic, and comes back to the phone. “Your official scores are currently in the assistant registrar’s office because you are about to graduate. I can send a copy to your advisor.” No, no, I want nothing more to do with campus mail. I convince her to hold the scores until either my advisor or I can come and pick them up. We take the original, I explain, and give you the copy. Angel woman seems okay with that. Just then I receive an email from my advisor. Apparently the copy she has of my scores is good enough to be sent. I just wasted another hour of my life.

I decided to drown my frustration by trying to sign up at a gym where I have a 30-day free trial…only to be told that you only get that if you sign up for a year in advance. At least, I think that’s what I was told. I was so frustrated by the day in general, I don’t know anymore. Made an appointment anyway to come in on Wednesday to tour the place…we’ll see what happens.

I decided then that I was a little too stressed. Came home and meditated by following the exercises at the Online Labyrinth site. Pretty neat, I think, and pretty calming too.

Feeling much better now, I’m off to read Chocolat. Jamie and I decided that we would read books about a specific country, hopefully fall in love with the characters, and then travel to said destination. First stop? Clearly France. I also read a few other books about France yesterday to prepare. Although they were cute, nothing can compare to a book with Mr. Depp’s profile gracing the cover.J


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