A few of my (least) favorite things…



·Running on not enough sleep

·Some of the reasons I’m not getting enough sleep

·Friends who don’t act very friendly anymore

·Friends who make you chuckle—or at least grin—every time you talk

·Getting an estimate for a repair job

·Doing the same repair job myself for hundreds less

·Fixing annoying and difficult mechanical or electrical problems myself

·Being able to tell everyone later that I fixed it myself

·Working out

·Working out

·Too much rain trying to murder my flowers

·Extra large watering cans

·Men who are only interested in one thing

·Men who have a lot more depth to them

·Expensive purchases

·Coupons, discounts, freebies

·Strangers who cut you off in traffic

·Strangers who help you carry things to your car

·One-hour parking zones

·Realizing that you’re parking in this zone after 5pm, so you can stay there as long as you want!

·Blind dates

·Second dates

·South Park

·The Simpsons

·Manifest Destiny


·Conflagration (Obviously)

·Sesquipedalian tendencies


·Drama clubs


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