Turn, turn, turn

A few weeks, a few spins of the earth, and the world is no longer the same place. It’s odd how years can drag by being full of the same old nonsense then big events can pleasantly shake up the fountain of your ho-hum life. I graduated last month, spent the rest of the month tediously filling out job applications, and was hired as a fourth grade teacher last week. The day before I had to go in to the central office to sign paperwork, my official teaching license arrived in the mail. I’m excited, off and running, tearing through ideas in my head. I have so much to prepare, two months to get there, and drive to have as much done before August rolls around as possible.

I’ve also had a few dates this year. For some, that is a given. But for me, Ms. Moon-over-the-same-never-gonna-happen-man-for-the-better-part-of-seven-years, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. And, what’s more, I’ve enjoyed these no-pressure dates immensely. Score one point for moving on!

So life continues, but it feels like a new plane of existence has been open and anxiously, I step towards new horizons!


One comment

  1. Cella Bella · June 5, 2010

    I love the optimistic and excited voice you wrote that in!!! I hope the summer brings you more dates, more fun planning for next year, and a few more joyful reunions with friends, just for good measure 🙂 xoxo

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