today’s guest post by jamie:

this week, new york’s film forum will be playing a restored print of jean-luc godard’s breathless.

jean seberg plays patricia, first seen wandering the champs-élsyées, selling copies of the new york herald tribune. there, patricia revists a romance with a handsome ne’er-do-well. he, a small-time gangster, and she, a free-spirited american student, are briefly, beautifully suspended in the space of patricia’s apartment. but this is the movies and when the police come a-knocking, things go awry. love or hate patricia’s choices, she still stirs admiration for her swagger and cool.

this begs the question: what lessons can a couple of americans in paris glean from patricia?

striped shirts, fedoras, and dark eyeliner are timeless.

keep your trysts with gangsters short and sweet.

and never underestimate chance meetings.


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