chansons de paris

amateur travelers we are, but amateur dreamers we are not. the excitement of france looms over me, like a tempting mirage, toying with my emotions in my daily life. to travel, to cast off this monotony if only for a brief moment in time. and to prepare, even though our trip is nearly a year away, i find myself trying to soak up as much of france as possible.

two movies seen of late are highly recommended: paris, je t’aime and les choristes, which i have admittedly seen half a dozen times now. from the latter, i present jean-baptiste maunier singing a short melody. i would tell you what he is singing, but i throw my hands up at my inability to speak or understand french. i simply appreciate and find that i have a much greater love for singers who convey emotion beyond language than those who rely so fully on words. a simple search of les choristes in youtube pulls up a great many more songs both from the movie and the concerts that came about as the public rallied for more.

so tonight belongs to maunier, but i’ll be back with edith piaf and other lovely voices to sate the romantic soul.

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