lettre d’un étranger

paris by andrea laliberte
i bought a poster not entirely unlike the one above. drifting through the store, debating other impulse purchases, i was stopped by a woman. her children lived in paris and she used to spend holidays ever year with them. she spoke, at length, about the sights and sounds of paris and before i left, she was kind enough to give me a list of her france recommendations. her list follows, written, more or less, in her words…
these periodicals come out once a week, i believe on wednesday:

you must pick them up as they will tell you what all the current exhibits and shows are and how to buy tickets and find the theatre/museum.

here are some sights both in and around the city that you must see if you get the chance. some are rather obvious, but still capture the soul of paris:
1) chateau de chambord
2) louvre
3) versailles
4) giveny
5) museo d’orsay
6) tomb of napoleon
7) arc de triomphe

o la la! i don’t think one trip will be enough.

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