Vive la France!

I’ve been wrapped up in so many projects this summer, my head is spinning!

First, I’m trying to prepare for my first year of teaching which is just as expensive and overwhelming as it is exciting. I’m so pumped up–for lack of a better term–about this upcoming school year that I find myself mandating “off times” (times where don’t think about education) in an effort not to burn out before the year even begins.

Second, after being hired by the school district, my old retail employer called and asked me to come back and work for the month of July. Balancing upwards of 40 hours a week, July has not been too relaxing, but I know how to do a lot in that store, so they have me managing the cashiers or working in the cash office…which, by their standards, pays the “big bucks.” And that’s definitely money I can use to support my classroom-expansion-fund.

Third, France! Older posts elaborate on this, but over New Year’s, Jamie and I went to Savannah and Charleston. After touring–and falling in love with–the south, Jamie sent me the book Gone with the Wind. I read it, loved it, and then wished I had read it before I went on our trip. We decided to reverse the order of things. So we are currently reading books and watching movies related to France. Then, inshallah (sorry, my Arabic ability is sorely lacking), we shall make our way to France. So, I’ve been enjoying the books, the music, the Bastille Day celebrations and the new blog we have to commemorate our efforts.

Naturally, this being life, I’ve also been dealing with some not-so-great-things: computer that won’t boot, cat that is starting to show signs of kidney failure, lack of ac in the car, annoying men, potential identity theft, eerie phone calls…but hopefully I’ll get most of this sorted out in the next few weeks. Prayers are always welcomed, especially for the cat. I think I can handle everything else. 🙂


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