Speak the Words on Your Lips

Drench yourself in words unspoken.
Live your life with arms wide open.
Every year, I try to reinvent myself. Toss off bad habits, strive to become the person I know I could be if I really tried. Every year, new year’s resolutions are made and broken. Every year ends with me promising myself that I’ll do better next year. But this blog is not about resolutions or promises or anything that can be broken. It’s about goals and becoming, every day, more and more like the ideal individual I am confident I could be if I really tried. I have five goals to start working on now. Some will be added, others replaced, as I make headway in this constant reinvention of the soul that is life. But the point of this blog is to catalogue change and provide a forum of self-reflection.
Current Goals:
  1. Build faith.
    I go to church every weekend, but there is so much more I should do, so much more I need to do. Read the Bible more. Pray more. Reflect more. Volunteer more.
  2. Revitalize self.
    I need to get in shape. I need to eat healthier food and beome more active. I now go to Zumba classes twice a week, but I need to add more jogging to my schedule. I don’t have the money for a gym membership right now, but there is so much I can do without one. I just need to get moving.
  3. Room makeovers.
    I am a teacher. My classroom is cluttered. My bedroom is cluttered. The only reason my entire house isn’t a wreck is that I have two roommates I try to minimize piles of paper for. I need to clean up my act (most literally) and get to the point where I deal with papers once before finding a long term home for them. I’m tired of the shuffling.
  4. Indulge.
    Reading and writing are like the desserts of life. And I don’t do either enough. I need to read some, every night and write, even if only on here, as often as possible.
  5. Say yes and no.
    My work life is beginning to get more and more hectic. I’m starting up a club this year with a fellow teacher, starting to tutor, applying for grants for next year, attending conferences and classes, et cetera. I love it all. And can comfortably handle it all. I just need to make sure that I don’t take on more than I can handle.
So that’s it for right now. Five things to work on. Easy enough, right?
Today is where your book begins.
The rest is still unwritten.
-Natasha Bedingfield

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