Summer Log: Day 7

With the exception of Friday, I’ve been okay with keeping up with most of my summer goals.  No awkward first dates yet, but I went to the gym Monday-Thursday, finished reading The Lucky One and read A Mango Shaped Space for good measure.  I’m now reading a book about a man journeying to Jerusalem in search of a lost scroll or medallion or …something.  Clearly this book (whose name I cannot recall) is riveting.Every week day, though, I wake up, prepare a “To-Do” list and bumble my way through the day by checking things off.  Schedule an appointment with the ophthalmologist?  Check.  Scrub down the bathroom?  Check.  Last Friday, I spent the day at my parents, cleaning out the guest room for my family.  Shamefully, I had left a few things in there from my time living with them in grad school.  I pack up a box of books, poetry, and odds and ends to bring back to my townhouse.  These items are still in the back of my car and probably won’t make their way inside until Tuesday…when my “To-Do” list will include cleaning the trunk of my car out.  I’m not sure what the rest of the stuff in the guest room was.  I ended up with three boxes of random items to donate and three bags of trash that I hauled out just before one of my brothers came into town for the weekend.  I gave the carpet a little TLC so my brother could have a very nice, clean, room to stay in for his visit.  I don’t really remember the rest of the night.  As soon as I arrived home, I crashed, not even changing into pajamas.  I’m pretty sure some of the box lifting caused me to tear something in my right shoulder because it’s been aching ever since.

This weekend I actually treated like a weekend.  I was lazy, only organizing under my bathroom sink (it’s so beautiful now!) and checking my school mail.  I’ve been asked to teach summer school at multiple schools and am almost sad to have to decline the offers because of volunteering up north.  My first trip to Connecticut wouldn’t interfere with summer school at all, but my second trip up there starts right in the middle of the summer school session.  So, farewell extra earning potential.  Maybe next year.  Hanging out with Heather, though, it is nice to know that I’m not the only one going a little stir-crazy.  Traveling, even just driving north, is exactly what I need to break up the monotony of a long, boring summer.  I’m itching to get out of this town!

This brings in a shameless plug for year-around-schooling.  Fewer weeks of summer is perfectly fine.  Throw in a longer fall, winter, and spring breaks and I’m sold.  Travel will be cheaper in the off seasons and, job wise, kids won’t lose as much of their academic gain over a shorter summer.  Where can I sign up?


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