Summer Log: Day 9

Here’s to working again!  Okay, so…not really.  Next year, all the fourth grade teachers in my school are moving up to fifth grade.  I’m excited about this (we work really well together), I’m nervous about this (it’s a completely different curriculum), and I’m now thinking about this.  One of my teammates and I went to a training service yesterday on how to implement the county’s new writing curriculum.  It was just an overview and, overall, I like it.  Tweaks will have to be made, sure, but it teaches kids how to really write, not just the mechanics of writing.  I’m still working everything out in my mind.

After the session, I drove over to my school to talk to the principal.  We sat down with the master schedule and just hashed things out for about an hour.  While I will admit, I do have a tendency to look out for my own team, I do try to be aware of the needs of others in the school.  The principal was very receptive of my input (I’ve lucked out so far with two principals like that in only two years teaching time) and told me she wanted to finalize things within the next few weeks.  I ended up spending over two hours with her and, as I left, I felt terrible about pulling her away from everything else she had been working on when I showed up.
I spent the rest of the afternoon making the diaper motorcycle for Jenn’s baby shower.  It came out just as cute as I thought it would and I thank sweetaprils for her tutorial.  I’m only sad that this baby shower takes place the first day I have to report to CT, so I won’t even be the one to give it to Jenn.  Here’s hoping it transports easily!

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