Summer Log: Day 24

What a whirlwind of activity the last few days have been.  I was in Connecticut, sans internet, for about a week, learning the ropes of the volunteer work I will be doing at the end of July, beginning of August.  I met so many amazing people from around the country there.  Although the days were long, the week flew by, and I couldn’t quite believe when it was time to return to Virginia.To soften the blow, however, I didn’t return home, but headed down to Virginia Beach to visit a group of some of my favorite people from William and Mary.  We spent the weekend catching up, swimming, relaxing on the beach, indulging in game night, and praying that the storm that ripped through Virginia on Friday night would not completely ruin our weekend (both the roof and the electricity stayed on!).  Time refused to slow, however, and all too soon, it was time to hug everyone goodbye and set out towards home.

I still haven’t quite found the rhyme of summer again, though.  Yesterday, some family poured into town and are staying 20 minutes from me at my parents’ house, including four cousins under the age of 7.  Last night was filled with slaying dragons, mending teddy bears, and giving piggy back rides all over the house.  I came home absolutely exhausted.  And in a few minutes, I’ll head over again.  Let the day officially begin!


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