Summer Log: Day 38

Well, summer is pretty much over for me.  I am overwhelmed at how much remains to be done before the start of the school year, sad about not being able to sleep in anymore whenever I feel like it, and ever so grateful that I have the same kids in my class again this year and that I know and love them all.  There’s still about a month left of summer, but on Friday, I head back up to Connecticut for two weeks of working with inner city families from Pennsylvania.  After that, I have a week of free time before teachers have to report back to school in mid-August.  The students come back one week after we do.

I’m decorating my room this year with Dr. Seuss items: Truffula Trees, Cat in the Hat, etc.  Is 5th grade too old for this?  Maybe.  Do I care?  Absolutely not.  But all this decorating will have to wait until after I return from Connecticut.  I don’t have room to store anymore classroom pieces around my townhouse.  I’m sure my roommates are already sick of the clutter as it is.

So here’s to a few days left of freedom.  Here’s to volunteering.  Here’s to getting to see family up in Philadelphia and Bear, Delaware.  Here’s to consuming the dregs of summer.  Ahh.  Glorious.


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