School Log: Sunday, Week 5

An opened door, a winning smile, a chance encounter.  Conversation follows.  Maybe dancing, hand holding, kissing, proposing.  A wedding reception, entertainment, whirling life.  A calm respite, then expecting, waiting…until children, crying, then laughing, walking, running, learning, growing.  And yearning for their own chance encounter.

Life is not so much an even circle as a waterwheel.  We are propelled by those who have come before us, working to enhance the lives of those unknown to come after us.  All the while, the wheel turns and we hang on for the ride, looking, if we can, for someone to join hands with.  Someone who makes us feel not so alone in this constant revolution.  Friendships are born of convenience and empathy and lovers reach across distances to ensure each other’s happiness.  But only until death.  Nothing on this wheel is eternal.  We can’t take friendships, lovers with us.  In the end, we all die alone.  And we can only hope we have done enough to keep the wheel turning smoothly for the next generation.

Although this post sounds full of meandering thoughts, I spent this weekend celebrating the soon-to-be arrival of a baby boy.  My friend, Maria, is due in November and I am so tickled that I will get to see her bring a life into the world.  So thrilled and full of joy that someone I think so highly of will have a little one that she (and her husband) can pass on wisdom to.  Over the years, I have celebrated a few milestones with her: She went to pharmacy school, graduated, married, bought a lovely townhouse, and is now going to have a son.  In comparison, I’ve done nothing.  This brings about self-reflection more than anything.  I contemplate the meaning of life.  If I never get married, if I never have children, will I still have found a way to leave this world a better place than when I got here?  I don’t need to leave a legacy, I need to make a difference.  The hours I spend each day with children…do they change anything?  Are students crafted into better people because I taught them?

I don’t know.

What I do know is I had a great time at the baby shower yesterday.
What I do know is my friends deserve every happiness.
What I do know is my friends will make fantastic parents and their baby will be/is so very lucky.

(Presents with my Diaper Bike on top)

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