School Log: Monday, Week 11

“Here I am.  Rock you like a hurricane.” ~ Sandy
(picture from

Hurricane Sandy has officially arrived. Millions in the Mid-Atlantic Region are without power. Aside from wind and lots and lots of rain, this storm hasn’t been too bad here.  Yesterday, after I heard school was cancelled today, I drove to my parents’ house across town.  I’ve been camping out here ever since.  School is out again tomorrow due to flooding of county roads.  But with a 100% chance of rain tomorrow, I don’t know how well the area will be able to dry up.

My thoughts are also with Rachel and Drew, who got married on Saturday.  Fortunately, Sandy stayed away long enough for them to have a gorgeous wedding day.  But now they are honeymooning in the Poconos which I’m sure is getting plenty of this lovely weather.  Stay dry, friends!

For now, I’m just enjoying the time off of work and feeling very, very grateful that I am not without power.


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