School Log: Friday, Week 11

Every November, my friend Heather thinks of one thing every day for which she is thankful.  I’ve decided to follow her lead.  Although I rarely update this blog on a daily basis, I hope to log in at least one a week this month to post what I am thankful for…more as a reminder to me that life truly is incredible than trying to reach out to the three readers I have. (Hi, guys!)  So, let’s begin.

November 1-  My Boss.  Yesterday was a day that had its wonderful and rough moments, but all in all, I would not want to repeat it.  Between technology and interpersonal issues, I vented to multiple listening souls, went to church for All Saints Day, then refused to think about work for the rest of the night.  Bad, bad day.  But, there was a bright, shining spot, when I had a brief conversation with my boss.  So many people complain and moan about having to work for terrible people.  So I spent the evening of November 1 feeling entirely grateful that my boss always has her heart in the right place.  She’s compassionate and kind and I feel she completely has my back (and no, she’s not even one of my readers!).

November 2-  My Kids.  Before I was in Rachel’s wedding this past weekend, I got a pedicure.  Sitting next to a woman who routinely had these done, I soon fell into conversation.  She shared her life’s story, including the fact that she had two adorable children.  Then she started grilling me on my life, especially curious to know how many kids I had.  “None,” I replied.  But I don’t feel like that’s exactly true.  I have a bundle: 25 in my class and 24 in Karen’s class to whom I teach Reading and Science.  I don’t know the kids in Karen’s class as well because this is my second year with mine.  And although they drive me crazy, give me some fairly intense migraines, and cause way too much drama, I whole-heartedly adore these children and want soooo badly to know the men and women they are going to turn out to be.  I love the daily hugs, the high fives, the gaping grins, the goofiness.  I am going to be devastated when these kiddos move on to middle school next year.  Today was a randomly awesome day in terms of my kids.  Yesterday, I had asked a co-worker for candy (she had brought in a bag of leftovers from Halloween) and one kiddo asked if I liked chocolate.  “Chocolate,” I declared, “is a woman’s best friend!”  This morning, I was showered with chocolate.  What a great way to start a day.

I can’t wait to see the thrills tomorrow will bring, but for now, I’m just off to relax on this glorious Friday night.


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