School Log: Thursday, Week 11

I don’t hate politics.  Just politicians.  Well, some of them.  I don’t hate debating our ideas in a public forum, but detest false promises, slander, libel, hateful speech.  I always thought the people most suited to be the President of the United States were those too smart to run for the job.  That’s not to say I don’t have admiration, of some sort, for those who do battle it out in front of the nation.  Politics is exciting.  I just hate all the rhetoric and falsity that accompanies the race for the place, whether it be the White House or the School Board Seat.

This year, my state is getting slammed with ads.  In the uncontested states, it might be easy to forget there’s an election on Tuesday.  If you live it one of the seven states deemed “up for grabs,” you’re not so lucky.  Virginia, Wisconsin, Iowa, Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire, and Colorado are hotly contested right now.  And being a Virginian, I love feeling so important.  In one electoral vote prediction that I saw, Virginia, Colorado, and New Hampshire went to Obama, while all the other states went to Romney.  That put each candidate at 269 electoral votes, meaning the House and Senate would vote for President and Vice President, respectively.  From a “let’s make history” perspective, I would not mind this outcome.  The Washington Post lists a number of other ways that the candidates could tie next week.  Basically, it should be a fun election night.

But what’s happening in the states that are pretty solidly for Obama or Romney?  Well, in some of these states, like Tennessee, not much is happening.  Except the Democrats having a man on the ballot who has been dubbed “the worst political candidate ever.”  But, according to himself, Mark Clayton is just operating in Jesus-fashion: on the sly.

From across the political spectrum and around the world, I’m out.


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