School Log: Sunday, Week 13

Tonight’s post will be very short.  While I am very thankful, I am also very tired.  And my bed looks very comfortable.

What else am I thankful for?

November 7-Reminiscing.  I ate dinner on Wednesday night with two friends from my first year of teaching.  We laughed and caught up and while we don’t see each other every day (or even often, given our proximity), I love having friends that I can meet up with and–no matter how long it’s been–relive a part of my life that has already passed me by…which takes me to Thursday’s item.

November 8-Acceptance.  Another dinner date with another old friend.  This one, I met when I was sixteen and bound for Israel.  Over a decade later, we’ve both grown older and, we pray, a bit wiser.  We’ve also both, undoubtedly, done some very idiotic things in our lives.  But he looks over those silly missteps of mine.  This is bliss: letting someone see the incredibly messed-up work-in-progress you are…and having them like you anyway.  And I am blessed with many accepting people in my life

November 9-Spontaneity. 
 I love “peacing out” from the world on
Friday nights.  Usually, I take a bath by candlelight, read a book, and generally ignore the outside world.  On Friday, however, a friend came over, bringing me out of my reclusive state.  We watched Pirates of the Caribbean, which he had never seen.  We were soon joined by my roommate and her visiting mother.  My homebound plans had been expanded to accompany others.  And, while not the most spontaneous thing in the world, having more people around really did make the night a lot more fun.

November 10-Mouse Free Housing.  Saturday, I caught a mouse in my house.  I let it go outside (but far from where I live).  I wonder how Mr. Beady Eyes is right now.  He was a cutie…but he ate my bread and had to go.

November 11-Those who served.
The only words that seem good enough here?

Thank you.


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