Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I feel like this past month has escaped from me.  There is too much to do and there are never-ever enough hours in the day.

On the job front, I’m trying to turn my students into writers.  This is hard when “if then she know” passes as an acceptable sentence in their minds.  We poured over a writing prompt for most of the month.  I think we’ll only have time to do one more before it’s time for the state writing test in March.  I am a tad bit nervous!

One of my kiddos also withdrew from school this week.  She came to my class last year, speaking very little English.  This year, she was being tested for the gifted program.  I cried Friday night after she left. I have high hopes for her though and know that she can change the world wherever she is.  This gave me a taste for how hard June was going to be, wishing goodbye to a class of kids I’ve known for two years. Oy vey.

In my personal life, many friends have been coming back into town for the holidays, meaning the last few days have been insane.  I’ve scouted out Christmas lights with Jenn, spent hours talking to Rachel and Drew, saw Lincoln (the movie, not the person) with Heather, and helped Peter move all within the past 48 hours.  Today, I’ll meet my family at church and then head to their house for the rest of Christmas Eve/Christmas Day.

I also started a new workout routine.  I tore a ligament in my right knee in November and haven’t spent too much time at the gym since then.  But I found a great 12-week program that concentrates on lifting weights the first 4 weeks before really introducing cardio.  It sounds like just what my knee needs.  Today I concentrated on my triceps…and man, I ache!

Okay, I’m off to prepare for tonight!  Merry Christmas, everyone!


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