Tonight is just a prayer.  Today I was in desperate need of it, so prayed some of this over and over and over…hopefully, it’s rambling it’s way to God’s heart.

Dear Father, Savior, Redeemer, please unsettle me.  Please help me grow discontent in my daily life, help me to not settle for complacency in my existence.  Help me long to do good, be good, and be a power for good.  Help me show others today the love that You have shown the world through our creation and the gift of Your son, Jesus.  Grant that I may use the gifts You have given me to help those You choose to put in my path today.  Allow me to share the love and the light of Your glory to rekindle the hearts of those I meet on this day.  Even when I am weary, Lord, I rejoice that I can do great things through You, as You lift me up and strengthen me day by day.  To You I give thanks, glory, and honor and I ask all these things humbly through the name of Christ our Lord.



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