A Reason to be Brave

Once upon a time, a girl who looked a lot like me was dumped. This younger, more naive version of myself was hopelessly–albeit sometimes ridiculously–in love with a boy who was dreamy and inspiring even though he was immature and a tad reckless with emotions.

When he dumped me, I crawled into bed and withered.  The only thing I vividly remember from that period of time was Josh Groban.  I listened to one of his CD’s, Awake, nonstop for about a month.  Whether I was in the car, the bed, or even the shower, Groban’s music fueled me.  There was one Italian song in particular, Mai, that I couldn’t seem to get enough of.  Listening to the tune until the CD started to skip, I felt as though someone empathized with the end of my first foray into love…even though I couldn’t understand any of the words.  Years later, I looked up a translation to those lyrics and–this shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did–the lyrics really did match my emotional state during that time.

I don’t think I have felt as grateful to an artist as I did to Groban for reverberating life into my dark days with his baritone/tenor vocals.  But listening to him constantly in a state of depression also had me avoiding his newer CD’s for a while.  Finally, this year, I started listening to him once more and trying to catch up on the many songs he’s put out in the past few years.  While I’ll always be partial to my survival CD, with its skips and all, I really am enjoying all the new songs, especially this one…


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