The Beat in My Chest


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Baby, you a song.
You make me wanna roll
my windows down and cruise.

A fairly light post today.

Recently, at the gym, I had a small exchange with the man on the elliptical machine next to me…

Random Guy-That book you’re reading…that’s a chick-flick right?

Me- A chick flick?

RG- But only a book…literature…something…

Me- Chick lit?

RG- Yeah. Is it one of those?

Me- No…not really… *flips over the book to peer at the cover, on which Michael Hall is definitely holding a lifeless arm*

RG- Oh, the title just sounds like Chick…Lit… Darkly Dreaming Dexter. So what is it about?

Me- A serial killer.

RG- Oh, you’re right. Chicks don’t read that.

Me- Um…but I’m…uh…okay. Thanks?

Random Guy’s Friend to RG- You are such an idiot.

Today I finally finished that book.  The end is so very different from Season One of the show 
Dexter.  I’m not sure which ending I prefer; the show seemed to have traded one character’s death for another and made Dexter, himself, a lot more careful at what he does.  I’d love to hear thoughts from others if you’ve seen the show and read the novel!


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