adventure in the great wide somewhere

Counting today, there are 13 days left until 2014.  So what better way to celebrate the end of the year, and the end of my 20’s, than by reliving 13 memories from 2013, this (let’s be honest) pretty bland year?

I start this countdown by thinking of the greatest adventures I had this year.  I didn’t take any large trips and don’t think I’ve been on a plane in…13 months?  Oh, that explains why my wanderlust is so fierce right now.  But I did take a couple of mini excursions and, despite them being close to home, really did enjoy them.

Karen at Duplin WineryWilmington Market

I was here

In April, Karen and I went to both North Carolina and Ohio.  In North Carolina, we saw the world’s largest skillet (also, the world’s largest letdown…but really, it’s a skillet, so how upset can you be?), went wine tasting at Duplin Winery, and wandered along the Wilmington waterfront, taking in the sights and sounds of the ships at night and the bustling market in the morning.  We also stopped in the Cotton Exchange, where we had coffee, meandered through the many shops, and bought gifts for friends.  Upstairs, they used to let celebrities sign the walls when they would stop in and soon non-celebs followed suit.  In keeping with that bit of fun, I also had to take a moment to scratch my name into the wall.

Lake Canandaigua

Overlooking Lake Canandaigua

In July, I headed back to Connecticut to volunteer again, but took a rather long detour first.  I drove out to Canandaigua, New York to see where Rachel and Drew had moved.  Rachel showed me around Naples and Canandaigua, took me to the lake, got our picture taken for the local paper, you know, the usual.  But the nicest part of New York was just being able to see an old friend and really get a feel for the city she now calls home.

In September, Diana and I took a weekend to head down the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  We stayed in a hotel right on the beach, walked the shoreline and felt the sand beneath our feet, read out in the sun, lapsed into giggling fits a few times, talked about Diana’s wedding plans, and just enjoyed being in the Outer Banks when tourist season was all but officially over.  Souvenirs were cheap, locals were kind, and no one was around.  An ideal getaway!

Nagshead, OBX

Beach Reeds



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