Well, Hello Winter!

So I meant to continue my posts of things that I loved in 2013, but the wireless has been a bit wonky in my townhouse, so I missed a few days of posting.  I’ll hopefully get back to my list before the new year.  Tonight’s post is about welcoming winter and trying to get into the holiday spirit.

What is up in Virginia?

We brought in the winter season yesterday with temperatures in the 60’s.  I headed over to my parents’ house to help my mother set up her foyer with Christmasy goodness.  We’re still not sure who is popping over Christmas day or in the days following, so she wanted to make it look like vintage magic.

Today it was over 70 degrees Fahrenheit, although an afternoon rain did cool things down a little bit.  I spent a few hours wrapping gifts and watching Love Actually, which I’ve seen every year before Christmas since it came out…ten years ago (whoa, I feel fairly old now).  The gifts are almost all wrapped now and resting calmly under my tree.  This evening, I went to mass then headed back over to my parents’ house to go in search of Christmas lights.  Every year the local paper hosts a contest of lights in the area.  This year, first prize went to a house that had music streaming through the airwaves and lights synced to the music.  While we did see some other neat houses (pictures to be added soon), nothing compared to the musical display!

Mom, who volunteers in a kindergarten class, also had Birthday Bear with her.  This is a stuffed bear that all the kids get to take home on a weekend near their birthdays.  They are supposed to have adventures with the stuffed animal and take pictures, having their parents create a journal entry for the little creature.  Well, he did a little bit of everything tonight: took selfies, trespassed, and outran the fuzz!  (Disclaimer: Everything Birthday Bear did was actually legal.  Mom and I just put him in humorous poses.  Again, pictures will come soon.)

With all the holiday activities, I am starting to feel very spirited, despite the weather.  A few more gifts to wrap, then I’m off to bed!  I have a long day of post office and DMV fun lined up for tomorrow!


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