World ’round count down…

Chengdu, China

And the countdown to China is officially on.  My ticket has been purchased for August 5th to give me a little bit of time to explore the city of Chengdu before new teachers report to work on August 13th.  That means I leave in 134 days.  I have so much I have to do before I move and so much I want to do before I leave the states.  So, we have the Fredericksburg Bucket List…a few things I really want to do while I’m still in the states:

1) Go to a musical with Meghan
2) Visit relatives in Knoxville, TN
3) Hang out with all the Super Seniors
4) Explore at least 3 wineries near here that I’ve never been to before
5) Spend a night in the Kenmore Inn
6) Go on a good vacation with parents and Meghan
7) Go out to eat in Richmond with the boys
8) Finish Breaking Bad
9) Visit the Mr. Rodgers’ Memorial Statue when near Pittsburgh
10) See the Benders again
11) Carl’s Ice Cream
12) Go on a riverboat cruise somewhere
13) Take a long barefoot walk along an east coast beach in warm weather
14) Have a happy hour with my team (and any other staff mates who are up for it)
15) Kappa Gardens at least once a month until it’s time to go…


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