A Season of Speeches

Ah, the blessed end of a school year.  As a child, the last week of school brought with it a clever kind of hope that summer would be brimming with pools and playgrounds, the sound of ice cream trucks, and late nights releasing fireworks and catching fireflies.  Summertime.  It’s like stepping into a jungle, ready to experience the vast, unexplored, unstructured time to come…

Of course, some summers are wilder than others.  Some summers, you don’t just recuperate and get ready for the next year.  Some summers you transition and step…up to the big leagues or out of your comfort zone.  Some summers transform your life.

We are, at least in my opinion, at such a summer this year.  My co-blogger, tumblr fanatic, Teen-Wolf-Glee-Broadway loving sister graduated high school today.  And in August, she moves to Richmond.  If I weren’t also moving at that time, I am certain I would feel a particular loss with the increase of distance.

I need to stop looking ahead.

Every year, the Commonwealth Governor’s School (eh, not going to go into what it is) holds a banquet for graduating seniors.  This year, they asked me to give a short speech to the students since I am an alumna and was in the first graduating class to spend four high school years at CGS.  It was a rather touching night.  After 16 years with CGS, my family has no more kids to send through the program.

Then today, Meghan graduated.  She also, prolifically, gave an address to the seniors which, quite frankly, puts my speech to shame.  (She can be seen in this video at 1:17:00.)  She graduated, we celebrated.  All in all, a wonderful day spent with family.

There are still a few more days of school for me, a few more meetings, and the necessity to get this 5th grade slideshow completed.  Then, hopefully, I too can enjoy this transformative summer.


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