July 5th

Wow.  We are already here.  One month away from blast off.  I thought I would take a break from all the running around that is my life right now to capture this moment.  Since school has ended, I have seen relatives in Tennessee, spent time with friends around Virginia, and packed, packed, packed.  My brother, Colin, came into town on Friday and he and my father helped me move many big ticket pieces of furniture from my townhouse.  We finally stopped the game of “musical couches” to sit down long enough to enjoy a great 4th of July dinner of sushi.  Not quite American cuisine, but delicious.


Today, my brother, Ryan, and his girlfriend, Catherine, came into town for our real summertime 4th feast.  The grill was lit and, in betwixt more furniture moving, it was a tasty evening.

My mind is racing trying to think of all I have left to do before I go and the dates that are already blocked out for other events.  This coming weekend, I’m heading up to Pennsylvania to watch Diana and Dan get married.  The following weekend, I’m going down to Virginia Beach to spend time with some amazing college friends.  And we also have multiple relatives stopping by and a going away party later this month.

These days are going to pass by so quickly!  So, this is my mood…I’m a wee bit stressed, very anticipatory, and grateful that I have so many incredible people in my life…  Now, back to hanging out with family and a bit more packing!


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