A China Bound Life

With all that’s been going on trying to get ready to move to the other side of the world, I didn’t realize how long it had been since I had written anything on here.  But between being a tad busy, getting a new laptop, and having my former phone fall to pieces, I suppose it has been a while since I’ve been in contact.  Today I got an email from a friend who closed her letter by saying:

How on earth are things going?!  It’s so exciting!  Haha, maybe you’ll have some down time closer to Christmas and you can send out one of those e-newsletter Christmas cards!  Well, I miss you Katie and I look forward to hearing from you whenever you get a chance!

I hope, Carolyn, that you does not mind if I respond to your email in blog form and send you a more personal response when I get to China.  Life has been…well, insane to say the least.  It’s kept me busy, stressed, and exhausted.  I find myself looking forward to just being in China so I can sleep for a day or two without worrying about packing, closing down the townhouse, or not getting to really say “See you later!” to someone I care about.

On July 12, my old roommate, Diana, married her fiancé, Dan, in Johnstown, PA.  So I spent a lovely weekend in Western Pennsylvania being a bridesmaid, meeting new people, and learning what a cookie table was.  As soon as I returned to Virginia, my great-aunt from Philadelphia came down to visit for nearly a week.  It was a fairly relaxing week, hanging out with family and showing my aunt downtown Fredericksburg.  As soon as I dropped her off at the train station, however, I jumped in my car and drove down to Virginia Beach to spend a weekend with old friends from William & Mary.

Since then, I’ve stayed around town, trying to spend time with people and pack.  With the help of both family and friends, I was able to get completely moved out of my town house, have a little goodbye gathering with way too much Chinese food (my parents like to over plan), and make many trips around town to buy various necessities.  This week, my Floridian Aunt Kris and her family came into town for a few nights before driving off to Tennessee this morning.  I also had the chance to have lunch with my fellow (former fellow…that’s sad) 5th grade teachers.  Tomorrow I should be seeing my Aunt Cindy and Uncle John who are visiting the east coast from Texas as well as meeting up with some friends from my first year teaching.

I can’t believe I leave on Tuesday.  Less than a week.  It doesn’t feel real yet…like I could be leaving that soon.  Am I nervous?  Eh, no, not about the move itself.  I would definitely accept some prayers for a safe flight, though.  I still just feel a tad overwhelmed.  I’m trying to tell myself that this really is not much different than that time I randomly moved to Puerto Rico for six months.  China, Puerto Rico, practically neighbors, right?  I have yet to convince myself.

I plan to write at least once before my flight takes off, but you definitely should expect to hear a lot more from me on the other side of the world!


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