it might take two

day stretches
boring numbness

i am thirsty
drink your spit

fizzy bottles tempt

can i have?
yes, one
and him?
okay, two

it might take two

we slurp
we chomp

we guzzle until orange flecks
float in your green bottle

sidewalk hot
store dark
not a hard choice to make

we squint

we kick feet,
pumping them
like backyard swing power
as though bench is flying

we wait

we wait

we wait

it might take two

door opens
we scream and run
we jump and fly
laughing in a pile of warm cloth
and too-hot metal

doors close
windows down, music up

reverse and forward
giggly home

shoes wherever

we sit
puppy-eyed, knee up, grass down

day fades too away
summer short

it might take two


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