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中国的黄金周 – China’s Golden Week

Swtspontaneous recently asked me what China’s National (or Golden, as they say) Week is.  The official version, as I mentioned last year when I fled to Hong Kong, is…National Day (and Golden Week) celebrates the anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

But this really doesn’t give you a great depiction of how National Week is celebrated.  Basically, imagine a billion people…about 1/7 of the world’s population.  Now imagine them all living in one country.  Oh, hi there China!  Now imagine all 1 billion people going on vacation…at the exact same time.  Clearly, this is slightly exaggerated, but the government does mandate vacation days during this time, so millions upon millions of people travel.

To help explain Golden Week a bit more, I found this short video:

But again, that video shows you the official China version of the holiday.  This video, aired at the end of this year’s Golden Week, is what we get to see if we stay in mainland China:

Finally, one last video!  While some of it just gives you a view of the foothills of the Himalayas–where I have yet to see–the open shots of this video are all from around Chengdu during this year’s Golden Week.

So, I hope these videos help explain a bit more about China’s National Day!  Thanks for your questions!  Please, keep them coming!

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The Beat in My Chest

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Baby, you a song.
You make me wanna roll
my windows down and cruise.

A fairly light post today.

Recently, at the gym, I had a small exchange with the man on the elliptical machine next to me…

Random Guy-That book you’re reading…that’s a chick-flick right?

Me- A chick flick?

RG- But only a book…literature…something…

Me- Chick lit?

RG- Yeah. Is it one of those?

Me- No…not really… *flips over the book to peer at the cover, on which Michael Hall is definitely holding a lifeless arm*

RG- Oh, the title just sounds like Chick…Lit… Darkly Dreaming Dexter. So what is it about?

Me- A serial killer.

RG- Oh, you’re right. Chicks don’t read that.

Me- Um…but I’m…uh…okay. Thanks?

Random Guy’s Friend to RG- You are such an idiot.

Today I finally finished that book.  The end is so very different from Season One of the show 
Dexter.  I’m not sure which ending I prefer; the show seemed to have traded one character’s death for another and made Dexter, himself, a lot more careful at what he does.  I’d love to hear thoughts from others if you’ve seen the show and read the novel!