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China Schools

I can’t believe my first year teaching in China is over!  I flew to Hong Kong over the weekend, saw some boat races and International Yoga Day being…”celebrated.”  Now I’m spending my last few days in Chengdu cleaning my apartment, hanging out with friends, and packing for a summer in the states.  I’ll be in the US for 6 weeks, primarily hanging on the east coast, before flying back here for year two in China.  Next year, I’m moving up to teach 3rd grade with my same kiddos (well, the ones who will be here) and same para-pro.  Otherwise, next school year will be so vastly different!  Out of 11 elementary school teachers, only 3 of us are returning.  I’m a tad overwhelmed with everything that has to be done!

But, it’s not time to think that far ahead.  Time to pay homage to this year…and what better way to do that then compare China and US schools?  (Also, to be noted, my school is much more like a US school than a Chinese one…)