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Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho

A Snowy St. Patrick’s Day
(My stretch of Virginia rarely looks this beautiful in winter)

Well, yesterday was Monday which, this winter, seems to mean SNOW DAY!  Originally, snow days were freaking me out a bit as I thought of all the writing I still had to cover with the kiddos.  Fortunately, I came to the revelation that I can’t control the weather so…stress less.  Instead, I enjoyed the extra time off catching up on a few things since I was in Virginia Beach last weekend.  I did laundry, wrote lesson plans, read, and then drove over to spend a few hours with my friend Rachel and her baby boy who were in town for a long weekend.  Not only was the drive to Rachel’s amazing (see the top of the post), Cole was precious.  He smiled, he cried, and he smelled like…well, a baby, which is just adorable.  (Speaking of which, what does make a baby smell so good?)  He is also extremely gifted at the art of cuddling which makes me wish, now more than ever, that Rachel and her family didn’t live so far away.

And speaking of living far away, I got an email late last night that it was time to contact my school to purchase a ticket for August.  Work permit paperwork has been turned in, but there always seems to be more to do.  I have a criminal-background-check affidavit to send in, flight booking, and the small matter of going through all my stuff for a rousing game of send*, sell**, stash***, or trash****.

*to China
**a bit obvious
***in my parents’ basement
****again, obvious

I suppose I should go get my things ready for work.  Enjoy your Tuesday!